Corporate Legal

We advise our clients on all their business needs, offering all legal support (contractual, mandatory, corporate, tax, environmental, international, labor, union, etc.) applicable to the planning, development, execution and monitoring of their strategies and operations.

Legal Affairs Management

At the request of our clients, we support or assume the Professional Management of all their legal matters, guaranteeing the tranquility of experienced and trustworthy management, generating reports and objective data for strategic decision making, so that they can focus on success of your business.

Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience in resolving conflicts through alternative dispute resolution and that is why we believe so much in their power and efficiency. We apply our own negotiation, mediation and conciliation techniques, helping our clients to resolve their disputes, including through arbitration, when applicable.

Compliance, Privacy and Data Protection

We operate on all Compliance and Legal Compliance fronts, including risk mapping, strategy definition, policy implementation, evaluation and monitoring of the efficiency of practices, as well as in the development and conduct of all corporate training.

In addition, the Firm also has the partnership of other professionals, lawyers, consultants, accountants, economists, engineers and some other selected law firms of recognized credibility and trust, particularly for topics and activities that are not included in its four main areas. practice areas, precisely because of the firm’s absolute commitment to offering the best legal services that its clients may have, in the most efficient and least costly way possible.