Law & Economics in Corporate Governance at UNICAMP’s Economics Institute

Last August, I was honored with the opportunity to lecture on Law & Economics applied to Compliance and Corporate Governance at this wonderful postgraduate program (at the State University of Campinas, UNICAMP), which is the pioneer of Law & Economics in Brazil with such a complete and interdisciplinary approach, to address – with the appropriate in-depth – the real issues that business face nowadays!
This course was created and is coordinated by the brilliant Professor Marcelo Justus and immediately became a key reference for Law & Economics in Latin America, not only in terms of a postgraduate program but also in academic production!
It was incredible to see the interest in the subject by the students and professors, as well as to see that they included a specific portion of this course to dive into Compliance and Corporate Governance from a Law & Economics approach! It was also great to co-lead such a portion of the program with Renato Caovilla, whose presentation was fantastic!
In my lecture, I could share what is considered benchmarking for Corporate Governance by the best companies in the world and also my perspectives on the need of a more practical approach, with concrete incentives mechanisms, in order to change the old business practices towards creating a better environment in the future. We are obviously aiming to jointly build a higher ethical culture in our organizations, but we will only achieve that in the future if we start translating it into more pragmatical terms, step-by-step, engaging all the stakeholders, and with objective measures, tools, mechanisms, processes and procedures.
And we must pay the price to earn such an ethical future, through a lot of dedication, in-depth study and real hard work! Otherwise, we will end up keeping the same hypocritical speeches that are still given today, without real commitment, accountability and feeling of ownership to make such a cultural change…
We must bear in mind that we are actually the protagonists to make this change happen!