Ethics in Decision Making, for CEOs, Presidents and Business Leaders – Amcham Brazil

Last week I was honored to be the guest speaker for this selected group of presidents, entrepreneurs and other business leaders in Brazil, per Amcham Brazil invitation, to address a very key topic for our business reality worldwide: ‘Ethics in Decision Making’! I took an advantage of this opportunity and added another item in this topic, ‘Building an Ethical Conscience’, in order to contextualize it with a higher purpose and overcome its urgency on the short run to highlight its big importance on the long run!
The session took place in Campo Grande/MS, and we provided a very open dialogue with the audience, covering what would be the compass of their organizations and activities, why it is hard to identify ethical standards, five main sources of ethical standards, putting it all together, proposed five-steps’ structure for ethical decision making (recognizing an ethical issue, obtaining its facts, evaluating alternative actions, making a decision and testing it, acting and reflecting on its outcome).
Then I moved on to the reality of applying Ethical Decision Making in Brazilian business by discussing the success factors of managing Ethics in business and the worldwide best practices of multinational companies in creating an authentic ethical environment in their organizations, so that, through leadership, education and citizenship, we can contribute to build what I call an ‘Ethical Conscience’!
By choosing not to be restricted to just following the necessary roles and bureaucratic procedures (which keeps us focused on the basic only and continuing to work in a fire-fighting environment) and choosing to lead the way in building such an Ethical Conscience, we will not only add value to our business, clients and stakeholders, but will generate long-lasting fruits to society as well!
This is a journey to lead the Ethics way and spread its positive message in our activities and throughout the society so that, in the end, we may have contributed on the building process of a better world, which is absolutely in our hands!